Since 1982, Pacific Aquafarms, Inc. (PAF) has been an innovative pioneer in the U.S. aquaculture industry, specializing in farm-raised Tilapia and catfish for live markets.


Our Mission

Pacific Aquafarms'(PAF) isolated location was selected because of the area's natural presence of artesian, geothermal water. The 140 degree geothermal wells allow us to maintain optimum temperatures year round for the growth of strong, healthy fish. With the high demand from live markets and fishing lakes in the Los Angeles/San Diego areas, PAF produces a steady supply of Tilapia, catfish and silver carp. Our unique water supply and isolated location helps limit the possibility of contaminates from outside water sources and nearby farming. Production of fish is close to 1 million lbs. per year.

“It surprises people: fish in the desert.” said Bill Engler, owner of Pacific Aquafarms, “But the resources are here.”
— Los Angeles Times